Pediatric Care Advice for Your Newborn from Dr. Angoff

July 31, 2015

A note from Dr. Angoff:  I recently read a study published in “Pediatrics” and reported on by USA Today which indicates new parents do not feel they are getting enough advice from their pediatrician. 

At Pediatric & Medical Associates you can be sure that that is not the case. We are with you from day one (sometimes even before day one, with a pre-birth meeting!).  As a parent at our practice, you can be sure our clinicians will spend all the time answering your questions that is necessary, starting from soon after birth. We have a lactation consultant on staff who can handle all your newborn feeding questions. 

And we are one of the select groups around that sees all of our hospitalized patients at Yale-New Haven Hospital, from birth, to the newborn intensive care to the inpatient wards. Because when is it more important to have your questions answered than when your child is sick and hospitalized?

We have been caring for children for generations and look forward to caring for your child now and for all of our patients for generations to come.    

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