Connecticut Pediatric Doctor, Dr. Germain, on Lice

August 27, 2015

You may have heard that according to a recently published study, we are seeing more head lice that are resistant to over the counter medications like Nix. In this study (attached below), 104 of 109 lice populations tested had high resistance to OTC meds. Unfortunately, Connecticut is noted as one of the states with higher than normal medication resistance.

In light of this news, we first need to remember a few things. One is that head lice, although creepy, cause no significant disease or public health threat. Second, a single study can help us understand our world better, but is not something we panic about. More data is better and one national study is just one single piece of information. And third, your pediatric group is here to helpyou through any health concerns, so (as always) please call if you need to.

So as our kids start back to school, prevention is key. No sharing hats, combs, hair ties, or head wear of any sort. If you see a live bug in your child’s hair, don’t panic. Over the counter meds such as Nix are still a reasonable first step. Alternative OTC treatments such as mayonnaise, herbs and fragrances have not been shown to be an effective treatment on their own. But wet combing of hair multiple times per day is a critical step to cure. And kids should not be kept out of school during lice treatment.

If treatment fails, or if you are concerned, call us and make an appointment. We can confirm the diagnosis and consider the prescription strength treatment options.

If you need additional reliable information, please check the following sites:

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
AAP information

If you are like me, reading this just made your scalp itchy. Not to worry…that’s normal!

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