Our Cheshire Connecticut Pediatrician, Dr. Gregory Germain, Featured in The Washington Post, Explores The Effects of Isolation on Youngsters

May 26, 2022

Many parents and healthcare professionals worry about how social isolation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic will affect children. In fact, an article in The Washington Post explored isolation’s effects on youngsters. Our Cheshire Connecticut pediatrician, Dr. Gregory Germain, provided substantial insight into these effects. Be sure to read the article here.

About Dr. Gregory Germain

Gregory Germain M.D. joined Pediatric & Medical Associates in 1995 and has been the Associate Chief of Pediatrics at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital since 2013. He serves as a liaison between the Children’s Hospital and pediatric physicians with the singular goal of ensuring that all children in the area have access to the highest levels of pediatric health care – even during the pandemic.

COVID-19’s Effect on Children

The first year of life is critical to a child’s social development. They go from helpless little bundles of joy to vocal one-year-olds full of personality and promise. With each passing day, they become more communicative and expressive. When given the opportunity, most children at this stage begin to make friends with other children.

Unfortunately, the pandemic prevented many kids from interacting with other children, which caused many parents to worry about the social development of their children. Other parents were concerned about masks and how they might prevent their kids from learning from facial expressions. Faced with the threat COVID-19 poses to children and adults, many parents opted to keep their children home. As the pandemic wore on, parents became increasingly concerned about isolation’s effects on their little ones’ social skills.

Dr. Germain and other New Haven pediatric doctors understand these concerns. They want to help parents strike a balance between keeping their children safe from infection and encouraging their social development. The good news is that parents can help foster social development without putting their children in danger.

“This is critical developmental time for your baby, but these parental interactions seem to be the most critical in an infant’s development,” says Dr. Germain. “And if you have a partner, grandparent, trusted caretaker who will be on board with the precautions that you feel are warranted, your baby will benefit from those unmasked interactions, as well.”

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