Dr. Germain Of Pediatric Medical Associates Featured on PBS

February 16, 2023

The Access Mental Health Connecticut program is expanding under an $80 million allocation in the federal Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. Lawmakers and mental health experts – like Dr. Greg Germain of Pediatric Medical Associates – gathered at the Wheeler Family Health & Wellness Center in New Britain to discuss how the funds should be used to fill gaps in pediatric mental health care.

Dr. Germain, associate chief of pediatrics at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital and a community pediatrician in New Haven (and gifted writer), has contributed to this mission by providing valuable information and advice to parents on websites, books, and magazines. Dr. Germain has received numerous awards, including the Linda Ives Award for Excellence in Pediatric Clinical Research, the Morris Krosnick Award for Outstanding Pediatric Resident, and the Yale Department of Social Work Angel Award. As a renowned child psychologist and advocate, Dr. Germain spoke up during a roundtable discussion on pediatric mental health.

The Connecticut Public shares, “On Thursday of last week, I had a pretty typical day, my general pediatric practice,” Dr. Germain says. “I did my usual routine physicals and ear infections, and I had four patients in acute mental health crisis who came to my office that day. And I think it shows that we’ve pretty much saturated the community availability. So our school systems are saturated, and our community mental health providers are saturated. Our pediatric psychiatrists have been saturated for years.” He continues to speak out about treating a growing number of children for mental health.

We invite you to learn more about how Pediatric Medical Associates is taking steps to provide comprehensive mental health care for their patients.

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